Camp Desbarats
Lake Huron, Canada

Mahaffey House
Boulder, CO

Nelson Road House
Longmont, CO

Norwood House
Norwood, CO

Allenspark, CO

Shambhala Mountain Center
Red Feather Lakes, CO

Yarmouth Park
Boulder, CO

San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

  Shambhala Mountain Center – Lodges, Red Feather Lakes, Colorado        

The Shambhala Mountain Center is a Buddhist retreat center located on 600 acres in Northern Colorado. Jim Logan Architects worked in close collaboration with the Shambhala community to design the Rigden and Shambhala lodges that accommodate guests at the center.

The building designs borrow from Tibetan, Chinese, and Japanese traditions and the eastern influences are evident in things like the rafters curving to create a flowing roof edge. Materials such as the alder used for the trim, stair rails and doors were selected for warmth, grace and simplicity.  All building systems are carefully planned to minimize energy use including very high levels of insulation, thermal solar panels for water heating, photovoltaic panels for electricity, and electronically ballasted fluorescent lighting throughout.
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