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Community – how people connect to and account for one another – is a key element in cultivating ecological and social responsibility. J Logan Architects has facilitated this process for an array of populations: living, business, civic, spiritual, and now the fitness community. To foster sustainable building practice it is critical to encourage healthy dialogue and collaboration among the community members at the onset of a building project.

J Logan Architects understands that the key to designing and building successful and sustainable communities is based on the early and continuing involvement of the people who will utilize that community. When a project is nurtured by a community from the beginning - the community does more than build the project – they understand it, take care of it, and promote its values.
J Logan Architects believes that cohesive communities are the primary vehicle by which we can spread sustainability – through practice, cultural change and political activism. Once a consensus for green development is established, a community will quickly adopt it as a cultural expectation.  When it becomes habit in one community, the ideals spread to others creating the potential to affect large numbers of people at this critical time when green practices are essential.


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