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Due to the build up of greenhouse gases caused by fossil fuel use climate change has emerged as the most serious threat humanity has ever faced.  The United States is responsible for the production of about 25 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases with commercial and residential buildings in this country producing a good portion of those gases.  J Logan Architects believes that it is all of our responsibility to develop and disseminate the methods necessary to slow this trend as much as possible and we need to do it before the time to respond runs out.  As a consequence J Logan Architects now devotes its business to the building of very low carbon emission buildings.

A long-time environmentalist, Jamie Logan has been building solar-based and low energy homes since 1975 and has always encouraged clients to adhere to sound green practices.  In the last several years J Logan Architects decided it was time to develop more exact methods for quantifying the most cost-effective and energy efficient techniques for each individual project. The firm’s research has resulted in being able to advise clients on which of the current technologies would be most effective in reducing their home or building’s impact on the environment.
This research allows J Logan Architects to determine exactly which techniques yield the greatest reduction in emissions per dollar spent, and find the point at which it becomes more cost-effective to buy renewable energy supply rather than continue with high-tech efficiency techniques. The overall goal is to create buildings that are comfortable and cost-efficient while having as little impact on the environment as possible. If you click on the icons above you can read some of this research.

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