Camp Desbarats
Lake Huron, Canada

Mahaffey House
Boulder, CO

Nelson Road House
Longmont, CO

Norwood House
Norwood, CO

Allenspark, CO

Shambhala Mountain Center
Red Feather Lakes, CO

Yarmouth Park
Boulder, CO

San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

  Mahaffey Residence, Boulder, Colorado        

Crumbling masonry, ailing plumbing and electrical systems and asbestos powder made it clear the existing turn-of-the-century farmhouse needed to be taken down to its stone foundation, which along with the fireplace wall became the basis for the building’s re-creation. The original spirit of the house was projected in the materials, and much of the original masonry was reused. 

The new structure is healthy, and designed to last another century.  The insulation was augmented with formaldehyde-free fiberglass, and the woodwork is finished with a blend of vegetable oil and wax.  Cork and linseed oil make up the bathroom linoleums, and the carpeting is pesticide- and latex-free. The narrow poplar trim was designed with a reveal to anticipate the inevitable movement and cracking of the wood over time. 

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