Camp Desbarats
Lake Huron, Canada

Mahaffey House
Boulder, CO

Nelson Road House
Longmont, CO

Norwood House
Norwood, CO

Allenspark, CO

Shambhala Mountain Center
Red Feather Lakes, CO

Yarmouth Park
Boulder, CO

San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

  Zacatitos House, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico        

This simple Baja California retreat house is essentially a large shade structure, open to the porch and the Gulf of California on one side, and to the courtyard on the other.  Ocean breezes flush the house in one direction at night and in the other by day.  The large bifold doors are closed only for storms.  The passive ventilation makes air conditioning unnecessary, and photovoltaic panels supply the little electricity required.  Rain is the sole source of water, collected from the roof in foundation cisterns.  The water is used twice: a grey water system irrigates the fruit trees in the courtyard.  The structure is simple concrete block, reinforced to regional earthquake standards, and the roof is wood frame with foam insulation.
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