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Movement Climbing and Fitness
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The tagline for Boulder’s hottest climbing gym and fitness center is “Committed to Community.” J Logan Architects took those words to heart when they created a state-of-the-art energy efficient building to house a 22,000 square foot complex that includes 17,500 square feet of climbing surface and a 40-foot roped climbing wall, the city’s tallest. “In a situation like this, normally the walls are designed first and the social spaces are shoehorned into the leftovers,” says Jamie Logan. “But here we started by creating engaging places to hang out and went from there.”

Anyone entering the gym immediately notices the five tiers of carpet covered bleachers strategically located across from the big wall. Designed for viewing climbing competitions, on most days it is filled with people just relaxing—some watching the experts on the big wall, others working on laptops or keeping tabs on their kids. Similarly, an area behind the entry desk is filled with tables and chairs and was created with social gathering in mind. Come lunchtime the tables are filled with gym users and employees grabbing a bite to eat. The second floor exercise rooms were intentionally enclosed with glass windows so spinners and treadmill users could still feel part of the action.

The space is a study in daylight and frugality. The project proved that if reduced energy needs and comfort are considerations from day one, amazingly low energy buildings can be made at minimum cost. Lighting is controlled with daylight sensors so that most days no electric light is required. HVAC systems automatically cycle up and down based on building occupancy, the shell is super-insulated, and the glass varies depending on orientation to avoid excessive heat loss and heat gain. Extensive energy modeling was performed to ensure that choices were cost effective.

This building uses 30 percent less energy than code mandates without any renewable technologies. In addition to building efficiency, a 100-kilowatt photovoltaic array on the roof results in making the climbing gym a carbon neutral building.

Design Team: Jamie Logan, Sarah Marvez, Jen Goings
General Contractor: Harrington Builders


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