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Next West House
Boulder, Colorado

Located on an infill site in a historic Boulder neighborhood the Next West House is a stellar example of how traditional design and modern renewable energy technology can happily co-exist. Thanks to historic elements like 100-year-old recycled brick, two front porches, low sloping rooflines and proper proportions, the two-story structure blends easily with its Victorian neighbors. At the request of the local historic society the architects seamlessly blended 10 Kilowatts of photovoltaics into the roofline making them virtually invisible to passersby on the street.

Inside, the 3,600 square foot three bedroom house takes a modern turn with an open floor plan tempered by traditional trim work. The decision to seek LEED platinum certification drove the choice of many of the materials. Things like water conservation practices and limiting the amount of turf were factors on the outside, but to garner points for the interiors it was necessary to use as many materials as possible that were manufactured within a 500 mile radius. “When you consider the cost of shipping granite and marble from places like Spain and Italy, using local materials whenever possible just makes sense,” says Jamie Logan.

All the countertops are American-made mineral quartz composites, the kitchen tiles are recycled glass, and throughout the house the doors and cabinetry are sustainable harvested woods. All the floors are walnut.

The photovoltaic system is paired with a ground-source heat pump to warm and cool the house. In the summer, the solar cells send more energy back to the municipal grid than the house draws for heat in the winter, making it a net zero energy producer. Other important energy saving features include super insulated walls, triple pane windows large enough to encourage solar gain, LED lighting, and a gray water system that captures, purifies and recycles water to the toilets.

Upon completion, the home received a City of Boulder Historic Preservation Award as well as a LEED platinum certification.

Design team: Jamie Logan, Sarah Marvez, Colin Tomb
General Contractor: Hughes Construction Co.
Landscape Design and Contractor: Azure Canyon



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